May 08, 2015


How to Earn Real Cash with Android App — Journey To First $100,000

“When you’ve money, you’ve everything. But money can’t buy happiness. But you can make money, being happy”.

We’re from a middle-class family. We’re not born a super-human who makes money being teenager. We’re not super-rich that has endless cash flow to invest on. We’re not having our super-expensive cars. No, nothing.

But. We’re determined. To make it happen.

We’re – almost – mindset drop-out from School life, and want to do something unique. Of our own. Of what we can devote our self, to do the best, in which we’re best at.

Making money. More more.

We believe, it’s always not hard work what makes you money. But work that you love to do, makes you endless money. We believe, working is fun, if not, the work is not for you.

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From the last 8 month, I am getting an enormous amount of response from our daily reader about making money with Android Smartphone:
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So here we introducing a HOT way to earn money with android. Unlock the secret of some "Super Proven Methods" that we're using to turn and EARN Cash using Android. No Guru Tips!

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5 apps that will earn you real cash and rewards

How much do you pay for apps on your iOS or Android device? Do you know that you can earn real cash and rewards from using certain apps? Granted that you will have to work for it by carrying out tasks like grocery shopping or checking out a new line of clothing, watching trailers, taking photos, and meeting new people. Sound interesting?

Then, you really should check out these 5 apps that will earn you real cash and rewards (gift cards and redeemables).

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1. CheckPoints

What to do: You can earn points for checking in to a grocery store, cafe or shopping mall, scanning the items that you buy during these errands or even when you recommend a friend to join CheckPoints.

What you get: The earned points can then be redeemed for rewards like and Walmart gift cards, games, cool gadgets and more.

Google Play Link: Click Here!


2. AppTrailers

What to do: Preview trailers about apps and earn points while you’re at it. Help the app makers improve their app trailers by sharing honest opinions about what they need to add to complete the trailer.

What you get: You get paid half a cent for each video you watch. For trying out a demo (of an app), you can get paid between 9 cents to a dollar. Joining via a friend’s referral code may give you a head start of 50 points.

Google Play Link: Click Here!


3. Iconzoomer

What to do: Take photos of what is asked in your assignment: your lunch, your drink, or the shoes you are wearing, and earn money for each snap. Share a comment about the snapshot (if you got a feedback you want the manufacturer the know, this is your chance), and that’s it.

What you get: Earn money for each completed assignment via PayPal or get free merchandize. There is also the option to donate to charity via Unicef.

Google Play Link: Click Here!

4. Shopkick

What to do: If you are a heavy shopper and love trends and bargains, earn ‘kicks’ just by being yourself with Shopkick. Find participating shopping places that allow you to earn kicks with every walk-in and/or purchase and you will be able to redeem rewards with the ‘kicks’.

What you get: You get a first look at items at the store (while earning extra ‘kicks’) even before an actual walk-in. Use your ‘kicks’ to unlock gift cards and products you can redeem.

Google Play Link: Click Here!

Shopkick Android

5. ESPN Streak For The Cash

What to do: Think you know your sports team? Then name your predictions for each game and make sure you get the longest winning streak of the month. To make it tougher, you have to make the call for 10 different sports and maintain your streak.

What you get: The longest winning streak for a team or a player will win a monthly grand prize of $50,000.

Google Play Link: Click Here!

ESPN Streak For The Cash

More Apps! There are more apps where you can earn money just by answering surveys, watching videos, downloading free apps among others. We will be posting for it soon. 

How Exactly I am Generating Over $500 Monthly Profit using Android? [to be released soon]
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