June 21, 2015


YouTube Money: Earn between $100 - $200 per Day Online

You might have already read what I have posted earlier about Earnings via Android device with High Paying mCent App for mobile recharge and the Killer the article of Earning real Cash of Some Dollars with those Money Source Android App of Google Play Store. Now this is the another article of the same trending topic i.e. $$ Earning Dollars $$ ! But the process is now somewhat different.

What if I told you there was a legitimate and easy way to earn between $100 - $200 per day online, without all the other crap you've tried that doesn't work? You can now Fly Under the Radar generating Easy Cash and Traffic while other do the Hard Work.
NOTE : This is 100 % Legal Trick you can use without any Risk !

Something you can do :

  • Without any Cash Investment
  • Without a Website or Hosting
  • Without Creating Content
  • Without Sales Skills or Experience
Introducing ClipJacker Legal Software Hijacking Free Tool that Hijacks YouTube and Injects any video with your affiliate Links. If you can click a mouse, you can profit from online video!
Recent news articles show how some YouTubers are earning upwards of $100,000 per year from the ads they display on and around their videos. 
YouTubers Earnings

What if you could earn money from those ads, without actually creating the content ?

Answer is "YES". You can earn without actually creating the content. Excited to know ? Good. Just read below. I am providing the Most amazing Tricks to Earn via YouTube without creating the contents. 

How to Earn via YouTube without creating contents :

Instead of sharing videos you find on YouTube, you can load those same videos into your free ClipJacker account and share that link instead.

We'll create a page that will embed the video just like on YouTube, it will still have the capacity to go viral, but now you earn ALL the revenue from the ads displayed on the page!

Step 1 : Take any YouTube video of your choice.

Step 2 : Load the URL into your ClipJacker account and now every ad on the page makes YOU money!
  • The entire process is super simple and takes literally seconds to do!
  • The ads displayed are automatically related to the content of the video
  • Use personalized ads that link to your own websites or affiliate programs!
You already share videos around the internet, so why not make money from something you're going to do anyway?

Here are just a few of the ways you will benefit using ClipJacker :

  • Share videos in related forums. You could post a 'golf bloopers' video in golfing forums, sending hoards of targetted traffic to your golf related affiliate offers (posting affiliate links in forums is frowned upon, but this way it goes unnoticed and the members will actually like the video anyway).
  • You can use product reviews made by others, and surround the videos with your affiliate links for that very product! (All completely legally)
  • Share the latest buzz videos on Facebook and other social networks and watch them go viral on your video pages instead of on YouTube itself.
  • Profit from any niche you like, there are already experts discussing all kinds of topics on YouTube, cash in on their knowledge without the research and hard work!
  • Earn commissions from anyone who signs up to ClipJacker after visiting one of your video pages
  • Anybody can do it as there is zero technical knowledge required!
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