October 29, 2014

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Google Wallet and Google Docs With Material Design (Download APK)

Google app updates are hitting Google Play, bringing even more Material Design aesthetics to your smartphone. As Google Fit hit Google Play, updates are available for Google Wallet and Google Docs too, but you can rest assured that more are to come.

Google Wallet

While Google Docs received what appears to be just a slightly updated MD makeover, Google Wallet received a few new features, including new ways to add money to your account. Users can now setup recurring bank transfers into your account, as well as new Low Balance alerts, which will kick in at whichever amount you designate.

Add money to Google Wallet balance 

What if you never needed to remember to add money to your Wallet Balance? Now, you don’t. With the latest version of Google Wallet you’ll be able to add money automatically to your Wallet Balance and set up Low Balance alerts, so that you’ll always have money in your Wallet Balance when you need it.

Download Google Wallet and Google Docs With Material Design

Luckily for you, we have provided download links to both of the updated apps, so there is no need to wait for Google Play to populate the update. Go grab them.


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